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From your head to the web; we bring your ideas to life. We’re the artist, the architect, and the engineer; but you’re the dreamer.


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Whether your project is website design, creating a dynamic application, building an offline internal business management tool or setting up your business network we’ve got you covered. Gratisites thrives on finding solutions to every technological business problem you have. We offer cabling, networking, software and web design solutions for any size business. Our solutions are made easy!

Web Design

Gratisites is an experienced Calgary web design and Calgary web development company specializing in graphic design, responsive websites, SEO / SERP techniques, and database integration.


Visual Design/Branding

In the case of Web Design, very often progress is more important than perfection.

The idea is to do more with less, and get your project live for the world to see.

The Cloud

Content Management

What we build is yours, and we give you the tools to manage it using the best content management systems in the industry.

We build confidence, not just websites.


Software Design and Development

You have an idea and it needs to be brought to life. We can take your ideas to any platform through our software design and development process.

From end-user product to business efficiency management tools. We can build anything that your mind can think of.


IT / Networking

Every minute that your system is down, you are losing time and money. We take pride in offering you the same high level of expertise that keeps our own business running reliably.

Our IT services include set up, troubleshooting, cleanup, repair of your PC, server management, and more. 


Structured Cabling

We specialize in running, terminating, testing, and servicing your cable infrastructure.

We offer qualified installers with industry certification and years of experience that are a requirement in maintaining a high level of quality in their work.

Our mission is to help you achieve your goal quickly and efficiently, from idea to production. Because no two projects are the same, we make sure each solution is a good fit for you as a client.

We pride ourselves in creating uniquely personalized and professional solutions to all sorts of technical problems.

How We Do It

Our team at Gratisites is a group of highly skilled individuals with a passion for web design trends.

The projects we work on respect the latest standards and use some of slickest technologies available.

Our passion is to not only do it right, but do it in a way that stands out. New technologies are a great way of achieving that; our focus is to determine what’s simply a ‘trend’ and what will stand the test of time, then figure out ways we can use that to benefit our clients.

And hey, we get it, some people use Internet Explorer. It’s cool, we’ve got that handled too.


Rollover Pet Food

Web Design, Wordpress Development, Web Hosting

Alberta Best Insurance

Web Design, Wordpress Development, Web Hosting

CMI Speakers

Web Design, Wordpress Development, Web Hosting

Diamond Insurance

Web Design, Wordpress Development, Web Hosting


Well alright, we’re tech geeks first and foremost, but we live in Calgary, Alberta... Canada’s “Wild West”. We’ve got minds gushin' with innovative ideas, a big heart for technology, and a hankerin' to solve problems. To us, your ideas are the new frontier and together we are trail blazers.

Chris Haynes


Danton Lalonde


Doug Kneller

Software Architect

Taylor Burnside

Web Developer

Matt Reid

Manager - Network Infrastructure

Travis Easton

Manager - Structured Cabling


Office Location

259 Midpark Way SE #321,
Calgary, AB, Canada,
T2X 1M2

  •   Our email:    inspire@gsweb.ca
  •   Our Phone:  1.403.532.2733
  •   Our Fax:       1.866.821.2161
  •   Toll Free:     1.866.99.GSWEB (47932)

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